Norwich Terrier's springtime

Finally came the spring !

We were waiting for it longingly, even though I waited probably the most as the thermophilic "animal" ;-)

Although the winter was so kind, the first signs of spring caused in Norwich Terriers joyful mood.

Well, just imagine - we are bury in dry leaves, and here the beautiful yellow butterfly.
We chase a butterfly and a bee came here on snowdrops with baskets full of orange pollen.

And how can be not crazy, do not run, do not push in the pursuit of last year's cone,
which in this case has become a pretext for a great race.

So young is ruled!
Stefek (Alta Carya FCI PARRY) and Peggy (Alta Carya FCI PEGGY) committed Ida  to the race. The rest of the dogs go walking around in another part of the garden in search of new scents.

Others used the sunbathing sending among youth deceptive news that this is good for hair growth.
See for yourself what a joy it has brought us a beautiful spring day.

Alta Carya FCI | Informacja z dnia 13/03/2015