Show Ranking 2014

This year, the Łódź branch of the Polish Kennel Club for the first time organized Ranking Show.
It could participate dogs with their show results of 2014.
Achievements can come up from shows in Poland and other countries.
Terms and score announced Łódż branch of Polish Kennel Club.

I decided to report to the ranking of our Norwich Terriers that were frequently showed in the past year:
1. Muli Champion Eastmans Maxwell DR WATSON - Martin (male)
2. Champion of Poland, Jr Ch. of Poland, Ch. of Romania Alta Carya FCI ISKIERKA - Skierka (female)
3. Jr Champion of Poland Alta Carya FCI IGRASZKA - Graszka (female)
4. 2end on BIS Best MINOR  PUPPY on Club Show Alta Carya FCI PARRY - Stefek (male)

During the solemn Gala Kennel were announced results of the ranking
and handed out prizes for the dogs.
Awards, trophies and diplomas in Group III FCI handed judge Malgorzata Lula - Forysińska.
It was a very nice event that allows to share the joy of our achievements.

Beautiful rosettes made and funded Ewa Mach White Frenzy kennel - Thank you very much :-)

And so, our Norwich Terriers did a great job with the following places in the first Show Ranking of the Lodz Branch of  Polisch Kennel Club. These are our results:

Eastmans Maxwell DR WATSON 1. place in breed 2. place in group III
Alta Carya FCI ISKIERKA 2. place in breed 3. place in group III
Alta Carya FCI IGRASZKA 3. place in breed  
Alta Carya FCI PARRY 4. place in breed


Alta Carya FCI | Informacja z dnia 09/04/2015