Our thanks to:

  • Mrs Elisabeth Teodorsson (kennel HJOHO'S Szweden)
        for her trust in us, her kindness and essential help.
  • Frau Simone Brieske and Herr Frank Brieske (kennel CAIRN BRIES Germany)
        for exemplary cooperation in breeding plans.

    Our relationships with the owners of dogs bred by us are very special and based on trust and reciprocity. We expect that given time, knowledge and work will be used with benefit. We try to help by delivering our experience and knowledge. In return we get satisfaction that a being we have created is a source of happiness for somebody else, is a loved family member, a game companion and a succesful show dog - is a reason of our common pride.
    We would like to thank all those who care responsible about our dogs, give us full information about their development, give much time, work and money for maintenance, training and showig our dogs

    Our special thanks to (in order of appearence of their dogs):

  • Marta & Dagmara Świątek
  • Agata Kalicińska
  • Jolanta Wnętrzak
  • Tomek Kajak
  • Marina Johansson
  • Elżbieta Tarnowska-Wyrwa & Piotr Wyrwa
  • Monika Dawid
  • Damian Puszka
  • Jolanta & Marcin Gos
  • Monika Krygier & Włodzimierz Pietrzyk
  • Bogusława, Ksenia & Jerzy Chmielewski