Kennel philosophy

So this is the history of kennel.

Breeding dogs consists not only of lovely puppies, succesful shows and exciting travels. Breeding dogs means first of all everyday work with dogs and for dogs - feeding, cleaning, walking. It is too obvious.

Here comes the time when the beauty of our dogs and assurance of their owners that everything is ok is not enough. During all those years we could watch our dogs
growing - those dogs we have bought and those which we have created. The experience teaches us that not all dogs are born excellent healthy and perfectly beautiful.
It is a breeder's duty to make all kind of efforts to learn as much as possible about his/her dogs and their pros and cons.
We understand that deepened knowledge about our breed and its problems is very useful for responsible choices of combinations.

We also bear in mind that nevertheless there can be a good will not always a success comes. But always a proper health recognition shall be a principle.

That's why from some time we have been interested in health information and health researches done abroad. Marcelina was invited by Swedish Cairn Terrier Club to participate in world cairn symposium in July 2008 which was held close to world dog show 2008 in Stockholm. Cairn clubs from all over the world presented their achievements, people were talking about the type, but mostly about the health. Mrs Lydia Hutchinson, a famous cairn breeder and judge from USA, created a worldwide health watch group for cairn terriers. Marcelina was happy to join that group immediately. We hope that exchange of information will give profits to all kennels

As we do not want to be ungrounded in health matters we checked health of our dogs. In the begining of 2008 we checked patellar luxation and hip displasion of cairn female CARYA z Akacjowej Ulicy ( MARYSIA ) - she is free: HD: A/A and PL-0/0.
In September 2008 we went again to vet Mr Siembieda to check more dogs - females:
Alta Carya RONYA ( Ronya )- cairn terrier,
Hjohoo`s HJO MAKE THE RIGHT STUFF ( Adela ) - cairn terrier,
DOBROCHNA ALTA CARYA Zamlicze ( Paproszek ) - norwich terrier.
all are free: HD: A/A and PL-0/0.

In the same time our stud dog - cairn terrier Hjohoo`s CONNECTION FOREVER HOJUNG (Nils) was also checked with patellar luxation: PL-0/0

In 2009, were tested following our dogs:
norwich terrier  Alta Carya FCI DOBRA NASZA: PL-0/0, HD: A/A,
and cairn terriers:
Alta Carya FCI WERWA: PL-0/0, HD: A/A,

In 2011 we plan to study further in our care.

We would like to underline that checking health is an important part of breeder's work.
To read more about our dogs' health click here.

Our kennel is kept according to statute and other rules of Polish Kennel Club.