All puppies from our kennel are sold with birth certificates which are basis to issue pedigree from Polish Kennel Club (also export pedigree).

Buyers of our puppies are able to see original documents concerning parents of the puppies:

  • pedigrees,
  • diplomas,
  • health results,
  • opinions,
  • certificate of mating,
  • certificate of litter,
  • birth certificate
  • and healthbook (or passport).

When you buy a puppy from our kennel you will get:

  • Export pedigree,
  • passport and healthbook with vaccinations and deworming information,
  • copies of parents' pedigrees and diplomas, health results,
  • full information about feeding, raising and tips for future,
  • copy of sale agreement.

Dogs born in our house are living now in Poland, Sweden, Danmark, Germany, Lithuania, France, Estonia, Finland  and the Czech Republic.

The list of our champions: here.

The owners of dogs bred by us always can get our help in different range. Mostly this is learning of trimming and handling, often at individual meetings. However on 10th November 2008 we organised first group schooling for Alta Carya team. This meeting attended cairn puppies from "W" litter and their owners as also our cairns (as helping models). The details of this meeting you can see here.

Above that we have done some schooling, we have been able to  organise family meetings with the puppy buyers in 2009 and 2010 (Alta Carya Family Re-unions) - all because of wonderful relations of friendship with owners of our pupils.
More details here.