Our shows 2008

The summation of most important achievements (show titles and health tests)
in kennel Alta Carya in 2008.

In the last year the show achievements of Cairn terriers bred by ALTA CARYA FCI were so significant,
that resulted in the title of "Cairn Terrier Kennel of the Year in Poland 2008" for our kennel. (source)

The title of the Cairn Terrier brood bitch of the year 2008 took our female: Ch. Alta Carya Ronya.

In addition, our stud dog Ch. Hjohoo's Connection Forever Hjoung (Cairn Terrier)
was the third time in a row, the Best Sire of the Year 2008 !

We thank our friends and co-operators:)

Show titles
1. Jr Ch.Pl.  Jr Ch.LV. Alta Carya ARONIA  (F) Ch.PL, Ch.Serbia   
2. Jr Ch.Pl. Alta Carya ASLIN  (M) Ch.PL 
3. Alta Carya FCI HOT CHILLI  (F) Jr Ch.PL.
4. Alta Carya FCI HONEY STONE  (M) Jr Ch.PL., PT I  
5. Alta Carya FCI HONEY BEAR  (M) Jr Ch.PL.
6. Alta Carya FCI HOT CHOCOLATE   (F)  Jr Ch.PL. 
7. Cairn Bries FCI WILLY  (M) Jr Ch.PL.

Health tests

1. Alta Carya FCI IULIUS CAESAR  (M) PL-0/0  
2. Alta Carya AGAWA  (F)  PL-0/0  
3. Hjohoo`s CONNECTION FOREVER HJOUNG (Nils)   (M)  PL-0/0  
4. Hjohoo`s HJO MAKE THE RIGHT STUFF (Adela)    (F)  PL-0/0, HD: A/A  
5. Alta Carya RONYA  (F)  PL-0/0, HD: A/A  
6. CARYA z Akacjowej Ulicy (Marysia)  (F)  PL-0/0, HD: A/A  

Health tests
1. DOBROCHNA ALTA CARYA Zamlicze  (F)  PL-0/0, HD: A/A  

Show titles  
1. Alta Carya URSA MAIOR   (F)  Ch.Swecji 

Health tests
1. Alta Carya ULYSSES    (M)  HD: A/A