Please fill in the the survey for future dog owners

Alta Carya FCI breeding
Joanna Chmielecka

Has the decision to have a dog and a choice of breed been discussed with the members of your family?
Do you have at least a general knowledge about health and wellness of Norwich Terrier and where does it come from?
Do you expect a male or female (or no preference of the puppy's sex)?
What quality of the puppy do you expect (show or pet quality)?
Is the coat's color one of the selection criteria, or it does not matter?
Do you intend to breed your dog in future?

Besides, I expect at least general information about:

Do you agree to pay a deposit towards the purchase of a puppy after their birth and your choice?

I declare that I will keep all information in secret. Thank you for filling the questionnaire. In a short time, please expect a reply.

Do you want to be entered on the waiting list of the Norwich Terrier puppy?