Dogs' health

Below you can find details abot our dogs' health and X-ray examinations.
You can get to know about hip displasia, patellar luxation, methods of diagnosis and degenerative changes that could appear in dog's organism.
There are external links relating to articles about health of Cairn and Norwich Terriers, including interesting data about hereditary diseases.
We present also a summary from The World Cairn Terrier Symposium, which took place in Sweden, 2008.

We write about what purpose we (optional) health examinations for dysplasia of the hip
(abbreviated HD from hip displasia) and patellar dislocation (abbreviated PL, Patellar Luxation of) of our dogs.

About studies of trachea and larynx, eye, of epilepsy in Norwich Terrier and genetic research to identify genetic code of individual dogs.

We include links to interesting sites on health and disease in dogs.
Currently, we are focusing on the Norwich Terrier.

We wish you interesting reading and if you have questions, please contact us
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