Before you choose a dog

Norwich TerrierBefore you choose a dog:

  • Consider if you can offer proper conditions for a dog;
  • Choose a breed suitable for you;
  • Find a breeder registered in kennel club;
  • Visit the chosen kennel to check it;
  • Check the documents concerning to your future puppy;
  • Check the parents of your future puppy;
  • Talk to the breeder, ask as many question as you wish;
  • Introduce yourself - also we would like to know to whom we are giving our puppy;
  • Read our advices presented at our website.

    Especially we recommend to read  about health of the dogs: information about health tests, possible risks.
    Also we will be happy if you wish to learn more about our kennel and our activities.
    Kind Regards
    Joanna & Marcelina Chmielecka